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Our Story

We have become one of Britain’s best-loved and most successful modern cashmere brands. Established in 1993, we have steadily grown into a fully-fledged fashion label with our own distinctive viewpoint – highly individual, subtle, immensely wearable and mainly British made.

Scottish cashmere is still at Brora’s heart, but every season our founder, owner and creative director Victoria Stapleton creates an ever-growing range of clothing to build a complete wardrobe using only the finest fabrics, such as tweed, silk, wool and linen.

We remain true to our quirky, slightly vintage-inspired self, while moving with the turn of fashion’s wheel each season. We now have 14 shops throughout the UK, including a flagship store just off Sloane Square in London, along with our international store on Madison Avenue, New York.

The mills that make our cashmere were established over 200 years ago and have been employing local Scottish families for generations. The northern mill does our dyeing, spinning and weaving, our mill in the Borders makes our knitwear. We work very closely with them and it has been a close partnership since our foundation. Their other customers include the very best in the luxury fashion world. Working with a long-established mill over many years brings continuity and a great sense of community. Sadly, so many mills in Scotland have been closed over recent years due to British brands moving their manufacturing abroad to increase profits.

We feel proud that Brora is there to help support these traditional mills and, through them, their communities.

Ethical has never been optional at Brora. It has been a core value of the business since we started in 1993. The company is 100% privately owned and the business focus is determinedly “Buy British”, the key element being that all our cashmere clothing is made in Scotland to the highest possible standards. The company is run personally and democratically, and this ethos extends to the customer, many of whom become good friends of Brora in relationships built on trust, commitment and honesty.

We have made a little film which goes some way to showing you what Brora is all about. To discover more about us, our history, design inspirations & philosophy, sit back and enjoy.


Do please watch our animation made by two very exciting art school alumni; their captivating film like a Brora jumper took many loving weeks to make.


See all of our luxurious cosy Scottish cashmere for all the family here.